Islands Of Hope   Illustration by Francesca Schiffrin

Islands Of Hope Illustration by Francesca Schiffrin


School Programs


Kiki shares her journey with students from her childhood in upstate New York to the streets of India to the mountains of Haiti. This journey highlights the connection between our experiences, both good and bad, the people we meet along the way, the books we read, and the difference we can make in the world.

A slide presentation brings young people into the island world of Haiti where they see the amazing hope of the people in a land of desperate poverty. Kiki’s book Islands of Hope shares her story of building a village in Haiti and the vital link between the children here and the children there.

This is followed by an inside view of Kiki’s second book The WaterFire Duck, which tells the story of how a song in the wind leads Little Duck to discover the magnificent art installation of WaterFire on the Providence River in Providence RI. Students can learn about the joys and trials of working with an illustrator, the interaction of story and picture, the abstract and the concrete production of a book.

The third book Bubble Butt! The Challenged Sea Turtle of The Mystic Aquarium tells the story of Charlotte the sea turtle whose injuries from a boat accident leave her with gastro-intestinal issues that are both amusing and sad, but in the end delightfully inspirational. This true turtle tale reinforces the joys and importance of reading, the challenge to persevere in the face of personal difficulty, the delight found in the acceptance of our differences, and the mystical connection between us and the creatures of the sea.

Kiki always allows time for questions and answers at the end of each presentation giving young writers and illustrators a chance to get to know her better personally as well as the opportunity to delve into the world of how to get their future books published. Writing workshops are also available.