Islands Of Hope   Illustration by Francesca Schiffrin

Islands Of Hope Illustration by Francesca Schiffrin


Author . Storyteller . Presenter

Kiki Latimer is known for her inspirational children's books, featuring vibrant, whimsical illustrations.
Her writing includes topics such as caring for the environment and animals, healing through stories,
and often her beloved country of Haiti and its people.

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Bubble Butt! The Challenged Sea Turtle

Illustrations by Bunny Griffeth
"From this beautiful creature of the sea we learn a story of adventure, danger, courage, and compassion. Bubble Butt! shows both children and adults the importance of perseverance and humor through the rough times in life. ...


Heal of the Hand

Illustrations by Bunny Griffeth
On January 12, 2010 the 7.0 magnitude earthquake which struck Haiti completely devastating Port-au-Prince... How does a country, a people, an individual, a child come to grips with such incomprehensible loss and nd a path to journey forward?


The WaterFire Duck

Illustrations by Bunny Griffeth
Little Duck ventures north into Narragansett Bay, past Prudence Island, up the Providence River to find people, music, fires and happiness! "There's a place where the rivers meet the sea. There's a city that waits for you and me..."