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Bubble Butt! The Challenged Sea Turtle of the Mystic Aquarium

Written by Kiki Latimer
Full color illustrations by Bunny Griffeth

Charlotte was struck by a boat, which caused partial paralysis of her lower digestive tract. As a result, air accumulates in her hindquarters, a condition popularly known as "bubble butt". Charlotte is a star at Mystic Aquarium, in Connecticut, and is serving as an ambassador for her species, charming and inspiring more than 725,000 guests at Mystic Aquarium each year.

From this beautiful creature of the sea we learn a story of adventure, danger, courage, and compassion. Bubble Butt! shows both children and adults the importance of perseverance and humor through the rough times in life. 

Softcover, 2010. 42pp
ISBN: 9781626322127


The WaterFire Duck

Written by Kiki Latimer
Full color illustrations by Bunny Griffeth

Story of Little Duck, who was looking for her own special song in the wind. She ventured north into Narragansett Bay, past Prudence Island, up the Providence River to find people, music, fires and happiness!

"There's a place where the rivers meet the sea. There's a city that waits for you and me.
Fires dance on the waters
And music fills the air-
Find it, find it, find it-
If you dare!"

Hardcover 2009, 44pp
ISBN: 978-1-58432-573-4


Islands of Hope

Written by Kiki Latimer
Full color illustrations by Franceska Schifrin

Islands of Hope refers to the island country of Haiti and to Rhode Island. Two groups of families from these “islands” were brought together in this mission of hope. The intention of the Haiti Project was to change the hearts and lives of the people in both places and it did.
On a child’s level of understanding Islands of Hope brings out the eternal nature of good. This story of loss and recovery is told from the point of view of a child in Haiti and thus gives voice and power to the one in the throes of poverty. As the young child Chante and her Mama and Papa run for their lives in the early part of the story, Mama rescues the child. It is Papa who rescues the old bean pot, the symbol of the man’s ability to provide for his family. 
Islands of Hope stands as a call to the men of Haiti to hold strong with their families and never lose hope. For families here in the United States it is a call to hold forth a vision of hope and share our resources with families in need. Islands of Hope is intended as a teaching guide to the importance of generosity and the blessings of connections between peoples.

2009, 52pp, Hardcover
ISBN: 9781584325581


Heal of the Hand

Written by Kiki Latimer
Full color illustrations by Bunny Griffeth

On January 12, 2010 the 7.0 magnitude
earthquake which struck Haiti completely
devastating Port-au-Prince and the
surrounding villages left 316,000 people
dead. Of those who survived at least
250,000 were seriously wounded.
Thousands of children were orphaned.
How does a country, a people, an
individual, a child come to grips with
such incomprehensible loss and nd a
path to journey forward?

2012, 44pp, Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781584328513